Going commando lands Johnny Depp in trouble at school

You GOTTA read THIS!! I’m LMAO


If you’ve ever wondered if Johnny Depp is a briefs or boxers kind of guy, well, he’s neither after he admitted he likes to go commando.

But the Lone Ranger actor’s penchant for going free and breezy almost left him red faced on the school run when he discovered a rip in his jeans.

‘That’s the general approach,’ he answered on his pants-free approach.

The screen icon then told how he’s normally pretty good at patching up the holes in his jeans so he doesn’t have to wear pants.

‘And so, yeah, I just immediately looked for duct tape. And then I continue to wear them.’

But on one occasion, the 50-year-old said he missed a crucial rip.

‘I realised one morning as I was going to a thing my boy had at school – one of those things where they get up and sing a song,’ he said.


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Macaroni & Cheese pizza! !


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Social internet candies


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I am looking for different living accomodations then i am currently residing (if you can even connsider it living). I have been exploring the option of a trailer/mobile home. I want to live by myself and i need to find something that is cheap/afordable (free is always good too … til i hit the lottery :). I am looking in the n/c jersey areas. I am always up for a “fixer-upper” (within reason tho:). I need to figure this out sooner rather then later. If anyone happens to have any thoughts/suggestions on the matter don’t be shy!! Obviously ill be content in an actual apartment/studio ect also…..

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Best Day To Post On Facebook

SoshiTech - Soshitech.com

Were you aware close to ninety percent of posts on Facebook are posted between Monday through Friday?

The highest number of users peak on Thursday and Friday.

Of course, this means your best bet is to post toward the end of each week.

How about the weekends?

How about not…the overall engagement rates show on Saturday fall close to twenty percent below the average rate of engagement.

Overall activity drops off about four percent for each post you chose to post Monday through Wednesday.

Written by John Teevan

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This is a GENIOUS idea to put in your car so noone breaks into it or, even better, put in outside your front door/back door/garage/gate/shed/ect to keep burglars away!!!!

That’s a horrible prank to play on someone. – http://pinterest.com/pin/75505731225371670/

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Today is NOT just another day….


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Plan to be SPONTANEOUS tomorrow …..


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ATT&T security breach…


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